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Next BRAM Meeting Wednesday March 7, 2018

The next B.R.A.M. meeting will be at Jones Creek Cafe & Oyster Bar (225-755-3550) located at 15005 Market Street in Baton Rouge. This is near the intersection of Coursey and Jones Creek. If you are coming from Jones Creek the restaurant is behind the Outback Steakhouse and if you are coming from Coursey the restaurant is behind Raisin’ Cane. We will be in the dining room on the right after you come through the front door. Members will begin to arrive around 6PM and the meeting starts at 7PM. Those that wish to order meals typically arrive earlier. The parking lot for the One Hour air conditioning repair facility next door can be used by club members because that business closes at 5PM and the restaurant has a good working relationship with them.

This meeting will review our club cruise to Madisonville to Morton’s Restaurant on February 17th and discuss the upcoming Mustang show in Pensacola on March 23rd-25th. A work day is also being planned for Saturday, March 10th, at 9AM at either Thad’s or Dale’s business (depends upon how many cars will be worked on) to get our cars ready for the trip to Pensacola. Membership dues for 2018 are now being collected. Our annual dues are now $25 per year. We hope to see everyone there!

B.R.A.M. Car Show November 4th, 2017 at Hollingsworth Richards Ford

Charlotte photos

Anyone wishing to view my photos from Charlotte can do so at Flickr…

Bob’s Fastback project update

Hello all,
It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on the 65 Fastback Mustang project. Well check:

The whole project in:

The suspension , front and back is the news. The welding in of the Subframe Connector Extension finished all the welding in the project. This connects the front frame with the rear frame. The idea is to make the frame of the car more stable. These Extensions were then painted. The bottom of the chassis was painted with another coat of Epoxy. Two coats should protect from rocks and what ever.

The Front end was next. Nothing remarkable about reassembling the front suspension with the following exceptions 1) I’ve dropped the upper “A” arm one inch. This is called the “Shelby Drop”. Doing this has dropped the car’s center of gravity a bit allowing the car to handle better. We’ll see if I like this. 2) The rebuilding of the front brake caliper (the red thing in the brake folder) was new to me. I had problems putting the thing back together and ended up getting professional help to do so. Teaching old dogs new tricks.

The rear suspension was next. Let us talk about the importance of a happy rear end. Yes we often take our rear ends for granted. A properly working rear end will keep you rolling! Lets not talk about a malfunctioning rear end, it would be bad car-ma.

With rear end in place , the springs were installed and I then hung my rear end on the springs. Next was installing the torsion bar. The torsion bar connects to the rear end. It is my guess most of us don’t consider torsion in our rear ends to be a good thing. But it is. There all kinds of other things that get re connected, I won’t bore the reader with the details.

With front and rear suspension reassembled, the brake became the focus of my attention. The Fastback had disk brakes before the restoration but I taken the liberty to improve the brakes. The whole entire brake system has been replaced with the exception of the calipers which where rebuilt. All new lines. A power brake booster (power brakes)was added to help Diane stop the beast. There other exciting things going on with with the brakes, but again, I won’t bore the reader with the details.

The plan I have concocted for this project has considerable amount of feature add, re-engineering. The engine is to be replaced. The automatic transmission is to be replaced with a 5 speed standard transmission. A standard transmission will require a clutch. The clutching system I am using is a hydraulic fluid type clutch. And just as the brake system has a master cylinder hanging on the firewall, the clutch system requires a clutch master. The trick here is the very limited space to mount the stuff and where the re-engineering comes in.

The reassembly process actually started with the vent assemblies front and back. Lots of little parts.

The next step is electrical. The whole car will need to be rewired. I bought a wiring harness kit to wire the car and what a box of wires.

Still trying to finish this in time for the 50th next year.